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Happy October everyone!

I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy painting but I don’t believe I’ve shared any of my work before. So, this is a going to be a photo-heavy post containing images of some past and recent paintings.

I have worked with both oil and acrylic paints. I have limited experience with oil paints and find it to be a bit intimidating. On the other hand, acrylic painting is something that I learned as a youngin and didn’t pick it up again till this past summer, but prefer it over oil. Some of the differences between the two are laid out in the table below:

-slower drying time
-easier to blend
-need proper cleaning supplies
-slightly glossy finish
-more expensive
-dries very quickly
-more beginner friendly
-requires few materials
-matte finish
-colours can darken with drying

In terms of the actual painting content, I tend to work more with colours and simple nature-based shapes and silhouettes. However, to keep it interesting, I try to learn and implement new techniques or concepts I come across from web-browsing. Recently, I’ve tried to work a little bit with sponge and the palette knife for different textures. I’ve also been practicing my blending technique when using circular/curved strokes.

Blending with oils.
One of my first attempts with oil painting. Did not have the proper materials to layer properly.
Made at a Paint Nite event in Houston.
Recreation/modification of a painting I found online.
A mixture of sponge and palette knife resulting in a very interesting texture.
Using the sponge to get the galaxy effect.
Practicing the circular strokes and gradient blending.
Inspired by my trip to South Africa and my love for elephants.
Trying out a palette knife stencil technique. Inspired by this Fall season and the colourful leaves outside. Work in progress…

I mainly paint for my pleasure because it’s relaxing to me. But I thought it might be fun to share some of my work (which I’m usually a little reluctant to do). If you have or come across any fun ideas for paintings, I’m always looking for new experiments/challenges! Hope you enjoyed looking at some of these.

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